Dentures: Restoring Your Smile

If you’re missing teeth and seeking an affordable and effective replacement option, dentures, also known as false teeth, can be an excellent choice. At Devonport Dental Care, we offer a wide range of denture solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of each individual. Whether you require full or partial dentures, our team of skilled professionals will provide personalized care to restore your smile and improve your quality of life. Let’s explore the different types of dentures and their benefits.

Full Dentures: Complete Tooth Replacement

As the name suggests, full dentures are designed to replace all of your natural teeth. They rely on the gum and tissues in your mouth for support. However, in cases where the gum and tissues alone cannot provide sufficient stability, dental implants can be used to anchor the dentures securely in place. A complete denture consists of two components: the base plate and the artificial teeth. The base plate is typically made of acrylic (pink plastic), while the teeth can be either porcelain or acrylic. Our dental technicians have a wide array of tooth shades and shapes to choose from, ensuring a natural and customized look.

Over time, the shape of your jaw may change, causing full dentures to become loose. In such cases, a relining procedure can be performed to readjust and refit the dentures, ensuring optimal comfort and functionality.

Partial Dentures: Preserving Your Natural Teeth

With advancements in dental care, people are now able to retain their natural teeth for longer. As a result, partial dentures are becoming increasingly popular. Partial dentures are secured in place by the remaining natural teeth, providing improved stability and minimizing movement compared to full dentures. Preserving the health of your existing teeth is crucial for the success of a partial denture. Our experienced team will ensure that your remaining teeth are in excellent condition to support the partial denture effectively.

Choosing the Right Denture Base Material

When it comes to denture construction, there are two primary materials to consider: chrome cobalt and acrylic.

Chrome Cobalt

This metal-based denture option offers superior strength and durability. It is less bulky compared to acrylic dentures and provides a more precise fit. However, chrome cobalt dentures tend to be more expensive, especially when metal components are involved. Modifications to the denture may be challenging if additional teeth are lost in the future.


Dentures with a plastic (acrylic) base are a more affordable option. While they may be slightly bulkier than chrome cobalt dentures, they are easier to modify and add additional teeth if needed. However, acrylic dentures are relatively more fragile compared to their metal counterparts.

Caring for Your Dentures: Maintaining Oral Health

To ensure the longevity and optimal performance of your dentures, it is essential to follow proper care guidelines. Daily cleaning is recommended, as plaque and tartar can accumulate on artificial teeth, similar to natural teeth. Specialized denture cleaners can be obtained from supermarkets or pharmacies without a prescription. Additionally, it is advisable to remove your dentures overnight to allow your oral tissues to breathe and rest.

Regain Your Confident Smile with Dentures from Devonport Dental Care

Don’t let missing teeth hinder your ability to smile with confidence. At Devonport Dental Care, our team is dedicated to providing high-quality denture solutions that restore the beauty and functionality of your smile. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and discover how our experienced professionals can help you regain your natural-looking and comfortable dentures.