Achieve a Dazzling Smile with Teeth Whitening

Welcome to Devonport Dental, your premier destination for achieving a brighter, more radiant smile through our professional teeth whitening services. We understand that having whiter teeth is a desire shared by many, but the process can seem overwhelming and uncertain. Rest assured, we are here to debunk any misconceptions and guide you through the journey to a stunning smile.

Understanding the Teeth Whitening Process

Our teeth are exposed to chromophores every day, which are coloured substances found in the foods and beverages we consume. These chromophores, derived from items such as red wine, coffee, tea, smoking, curries, and deeply pigmented meals, can be absorbed by our teeth, causing them to appear yellow or darkened.

Teeth whitening works by oxidizing or breaking down these chromophore molecules into smaller ones. This process allows light to penetrate the teeth more easily, resulting in a lighter and brighter appearance.

Teeth Whitening Options: Take-Home vs. In-Chair Whitening

At Devonport Dental, we offer two methods of teeth whitening, both of which can be used individually or in combination for optimal results:

Take-Home Tray Whitening:

With this option, we take moulds of your teeth and create a custom-fitted mouthguard or tray. You will dispense the whitening solution, typically containing hydrogen peroxide, into the tray. The tray is worn for approximately 2 weeks, 1 hour per day, allowing the whitening solution to lighten your teeth gradually.

In-Chair Whitening:

In-chair whitening is performed by our experienced clinicians in our dental surgery. A powerful whitening solution is carefully applied to your teeth and left for up to 75 minutes, delivering rapid and noticeable effects.

Determining the Best Whitening System for You

One common question we receive is which whitening system works best. Research has shown that tray whitening tends to produce superior outcomes. Still, compliance plays a crucial role in achieving effective results. Suppose you struggle to find the time or motivation for at-home whitening. In that case, in-chair whitening offers a faster and more convenient option. Our recommendation is often a combination of both methods, as in-chair whitening provides an initial boost while take-home whitening fine-tunes the results. Additionally, the take-home trays can be used for touch-ups whenever needed.

Ensuring the Safety of Your Teeth

Concerns about the safety of teeth whitening are understandable. Older whitening gels were acidic and could potentially harm the enamel if overused. However, modern whitening solutions are carefully buffered to provide a neutral pH, ensuring they are safe for the tooth surface.

The only short-term concern may be tooth sensitivity due to desiccation or drying out of the teeth. This risk is slightly higher with in-chair whitening. It is crucial to have your whitening examination and treatment conducted by a qualified dental professional who adheres to the safety standards set by the New Zealand Dental Association (NZDA).

Longevity of Teeth Whitening Results

The duration of your teeth whitening results depends on various factors. If you are a smoker, coffee drinker, or enjoy the occasional glass of red wine, you may need to touch up your whitening every 6-12 months. However, if you avoid foods and drinks that stain your teeth, the benefits of teeth whitening can last up to 24 months.

Trust Devonport Dental for Brilliant Teeth Whitening

When it comes to achieving a dazzling smile through teeth whitening, Devonport Dental is your trusted partner. Our team of highly skilled dental professionals is committed to providing safe and effective teeth whitening treatments tailored to your unique needs. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and take